Tornado® BD 26/27 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber

Tornado® BD 26/27 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber

Item # 951200

  • For effortless operation, it offers and automatic mode which starts all of the necessary operations of the scrubber once turned on.
  • Solution/Recovery tank: 27 gal./27 gal.
  • Squeegee width: 39"; Battery: 24 V; Brush type: Disc
  • Brush width: 26"; Cleaning path: 26"; Sound level: 69 dB
Manufacturer #99770C

Maintain and renew hard floor surfaces faster than ever before. Increases cleaning productivity in areas where walk-behind scrubbers were used in the past, thanks to its compact footprint and great maneuverability.


  • The perfect unit for supermarkets, schools, health care, warehouses, and more.
  • Operating at an incredibly low 69 dB the unit is also perfect for daytime cleaning needs.
  • The automatic mode system constantly controls the operation parameters to guarantee longer runtime and reliability.
  • When an operator places the unit in reverse, as an example, the unit intuitively retracts the squeegee.
  • Package includes: 13" pad holder (two each included), 12V, 195 AH lead acid batteries (two each included), 24V, 20 amp standard charger.